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Post by Ryuku on Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:45 am

General Behavior:

Respect Admins and Moderators, as they are ranked higher than you.
If you do something wrong, they have reason to ban you, or give you warnings.
If you have a problem with one of them, PM me and we'll take care of it.

Treat other members like you want to be treated.
Respect everyone, or you won’t get respected.

No foul language, making fun of others, flaming, don’t be racist to anyone, don’t be too perverted, don’t make any drug reference.
Sure you can swear a little, but don't go overboard okay?

Do not have any inappropriate things or bad pictures in your avatars/signatures, and also not too big ones.
They will be removed on sight without question.

Do not use someone else’s account unless you have the permission of me, or any other admins.
If you make another account without telling us, we will ban your IP address no question.

Do not post religious themed things, those are to be kept only in controlled debates in the debate forum.


Do not Spam!
Emphasis on this one, I mean it, if I see spam I’ll just delete it on site, and mods will do the same thing.
Definition on spam: a post without adding any content to the topic)

Don’t double-post!
Double-posting is when a user's posts follow one another immediately - where the user decides to make another post rather than using the edit feature.
There is an Edit-button for a reason, use it.
If there has passed a lot of time though you can post a scond post after your first post if it has some content.

Do not post anything illegal or inappropriate!
This also goes for pictures, videos and links. Keep it PG-13

When you post a new thread, try to state in the title what this thread is about.
Also its recommended to write your text in proper form (making new sentences, paragraphs, etc)

Please don't talk in any other language but English on the forum.
Keep it to PMs or instantly give a translation.

You're allowed to necro-post if you think the theme is worth of bringing it back.
but dont spam, your post has to have content!

Don't abuse the Point system in any kind.

You can use colors in your post.
But don't use colors which are unpleasant to the eyes. red is taboo.

Reports and Warnings

If you see any post that violates these all rules, there is a report button you can use to report it to the mods.
But don’t abuse this feature!!

Users violating the rules will get an increased Warning Level! (you can see those in everyone's profile and/or under their avatar in posts)
If a users Warning Level reaches 5/5, the user will get punished (ban, etc...).

We aren't that strict to give out Warning Levels with ease. We first give out oral warnings.
So only those constantly and aggressively breaking the rules though moderators already told them to stop will get a Warning Level!
We wouldnt like to see a user getting banned just because of a bit spamming.

Blue Messages

From time to time you might receive a so called "Blue Message" from the staff.
Most likely those are mass messages to all users on the Forum.

They contain different information, such as announcements for events or updates on important content, requests for members to do something or help us, etc ...
Please, do not reply to those messages unless they tell you to do so!

Membership and Processing

new registered members only can see the "News and Updates" and the "Introduction and Farewells" forums

◘ Everyone gets put into the user group “Members” where everyone on the forum will be in
doesn’t matter if Shiney or not

◘ The username and TNR-name of newcomers gets checked on TNR
. . . ♦ those that are Shiney >> Loyal group (Access to the Forum)
. . . ♦ those that are not >> pming and questioning out
. . . . . . . • those that aren’t even on TNR >> instant ban and deletion
. . . . . . . • those that aren’t Shiney >> ban

◘ those that leave shine
. . . ♦ ask them when they intend to return or if they have an alt in shine
. . . . . . . • if they have an alt in Shine or promise to return in max. 2 months >> allowance to stay
. . . . . . . • if neither nor or they exceed the 2-months-deadline >> remove from the Loyal group

. . . ◘ Those that got banned or removed from the Loyal group
can pm Ryuku or AiKirikaX to get added/enabled again
after they join Shine (again)
. . . ◘ Those that didnt come in yet in the first place can pm us as well to get added
after explaining themselves

NOTE: please, dont post in here unless its something important !
suggestions on improving those rules are welcome !

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Re: Rules

Post by AiKirikaX on Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:07 am

update on rules

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