List of partners for SENSD

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List of partners for SENSD

Post by Strados on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:32 pm

Sael Jounin -KeylaUchiha Leader
Najee Special jounin -Sasuke009 Coleader #2
XxUchihaXXClanxX Genin - Strados Coleader #1
Raiten Chuunin - lord24 Jounin
Misfits Jounin - Pennerpole Chuunin
naruhokage123 Genin - HakuraChan Chuunin
KraZeD Genin -takuun Chuunin
Phant0m Chuunin -Rody Genin
Emo_Whiskers Jounin - train_heartnet Genin
violetflash Chuunin -soul_kakashi Genin
Emerson Chuunin -JiiroUchiha Genin
janeeta Genin - sakura_uchiha Genin

Warned you's xD
Also this is subject to change, not permanent since times change and all I'll repost the changes here. Have fun xD

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